HHT Package





Bring the contact information for your lender (phone & fax) and/or ask us for suggestions for local mortgage specialists/brokers. Using a local lender may be more effective if you are under time constraints to fulfill your financing condition during the HHT.
It is beneficial to have a mortgage pre-approval, this will help you streamline your House Hunting and keep you on track and on budget.


If you want to shop for a lender on here during your HHT be sure to bring along..

A copy of your most recent mid-month pay statement showing all entitlements and deductions.
Proof of down payment. This should be either a copy of your current bank statement or bank book, or if your funds are in an RRSP, Term Deposit, Mutual Funds or some other form of investment, be sure and bring a statement showing all the particulars.
If the down payment is coming from the equity in your present home please bring a copy of your most recent mortgage statement showing, the balance outstanding, the term, monthly payments, interest rate etc. If your home has sold but the sale has not yet been completed be sure and bring a copy of the Contract of Purchase and Sale, plus copies of any amendments showing the removal of any and all “subject to conditions”
If you have any outstanding personal obligations such as car loans, credit card balances etc. please be sure and bring statements showing your current balance and repayment schedule.


requirements you may have prior to arrival Such as special school or medical needs, if you require high speed internet, day-care, or have second language concerns etc. or if your are a one vehicle family and need to be with-in walking of amenities.
Bring along your camera to take images of the home you purchase. With the homeowners permission you may be able to take photos of your new home to share with family and friends and also to have a visual to refer to later.
Bring your chequebook for the deposit! Contracts of Purchase and Sale usually require a deposit. Deposits vary; generally $500.00 to $1000.00 is an acceptable deposit. You may also have to pay a home inspector and other service suppliers.
If someone in your household will be job-hunting in the area as well, bring along their resume to leave with potential employers.
If required, look for Doctors, Orthodontists etc while on your HHT.
If you will be registering Children in the local schools, bring along a copy of their birth certificates and record of immunization.
Set-up mail, phone, utility hook-ups etc if time permits
If you will be renting a vehicle here, don’t forget your Drivers Licence.


If you require information on hotels, schools or the area in general, I will be happy to send you what ever I can. A complete relocation buyers package shipped within 24 hours upon request!

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