Your Realtor Knows Best

Buying or selling your home is a huge decision that plays an integral part in your financial future. When you decide to take what may be the biggest step in your life, the first person you should consult is a Realtor.

A Realtor can give you two things that are invaluable: expertise and experience. A Realtor’s skill can guide your through the details of the complicated. A Realtor’s skill can guide you through the details of the complicated buying or selling process, and his or her knowledge of the housing market can help you make the best possible choice. Realtors are extremely dedicated individuals whose professional obligation is to serve the best interest of their clients.

Most Ontario homeowners and buyers know this to be true, but few know exactly why using a Realtor is so essential. Why are the so uniquely qualified to serve your home ownership needs, and what does it take for these individuals to become real estate professionals?

Extensive Training to become a licensed real estate professional in Ontario, applicants must undergo a thorough training program developed by the Ontario Real Estate Association. The program consists of three phases of progressing difficulty, all of which must be completed before an individual can apply to the Minister of Consumer and Business Services for a probationary real estate licence. If approved, the real estate salesperson must then article under the guidance of a broker for the next 2 years. Three more in-depth courses must then be completed. In addition all licensees must continue to attend courses throughout their careers n order to maintain the license. This extensive training requires dedication and hard work, and makes Ontario Realtors among the most qualified in Canada.

Most real estate professionals in Ontario are members of the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) and only members of OREA can call themselves REALTORS. When you decide to work with a REALTOR, you can expect not only strict adherence to provincial laws, but also adherence to a Code of Ethics. And that code is very important to you because it assures you will receive the highest level of service, honesty and integrity.

What a REALTOR offers you

It is not training alone that makes a Realtor so valuable—his or her expertise extends into every aspect of home ownership. Realtors know how best to sell or by a home, and their intimate knowledge of the real estate market will ensure that you get the best price possible. They will gladly clarify any legal terminology or government regulations for you.

For sellers, Realtors develop a marketing plan that can include scheduling open houses, placing advertisement if desires and listing your property. They can pre-screen buyers so that only those who are truly interested and qualified view your home.

When it comes time to negotiate a price, a Realtor can act as a mediator between you and the buyer. This will allow you to remain at ‘arm’s length’ during the often-stressful negotiation process.

In addition, only Realtors have access to multiple Listing Service (MLS), which provide details on a wide range of properties. Assistance in evaluating financing options and mortgage rates is also your for the asking.

Your Realtor

Realtors strive to know exactly what you want in a home, and will go to extraordinary lengths to meet your needs. You can expect a level of honesty and integrity unmatched in any profession. As the relationship between you and your Realtor grows, a strong sense of loyalty often develops. Many homeowners often use the same Realtor over again and again whether they move across the street, across town, or even across the province!

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